How to fix action blocked on instagram 2021

 There are many blogs and YouTube videos about How to fix action blocks and temporary blocks on Instagram but after the update that came out in 2021 may, Instagram has increased its function and security so the old methods to fix has no value. We all know that it is Instagram itself make such action to protect their people.

Temporary blocks and action blocks are shown to the users due to the following matters:
1: Over following that is a person can only follow 400 per day and more than that will bring this notice.
2: More comments on a single post will also be a cause.
3: More likes than the limit.
I think this is an image that is shown when I have been affected by this issue many times on my Instagram and there are three possible solutions that have been proved to be effective.
1: Switch your device that is change your smartphone means login your Instagram account in another device because the Instagram just only blocks the IP of your device so by changing the device will change the IP address too 
But I can’t give 100%proof for this method because it doesn’t work on my Instagram but might work on your Instagram.

2: The second method is the most effective solution to fix this problem that is  just log in your account and go to the setting and click report problem and click feedback and type the following matter
I think it has been interdicting of follow up by mistake please help and respond as quickly)
and post the screenshot of the image shown above and wait for 24-48 hours within that time your account will function as normal and at that time also link your Facebook account to Instagram at the time gap.

I can assure 100% guarantee for this method 

3: The last method is the same as that of the 2nd method that is linking your Facebook account to your Instagram.


1: Go to the profile page 
2: Take account icon 
3: Tap linked account and 
4: Click on the Facebook icon and it automatically connects 

Some other solutions are:

1: Change the VPN
2: Delete all third party apps
3: Wait 24 hours to 48 hours 


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