Samsung Galaxy M51 slow internet speed - solution

Some of the Samsung Galaxy M51 users are facing slow download issue on their device. This issue can either due to your data service or with the device. In order to check whether the issue is due to your data service. Put your SIM on any other device other than the Samsung Galaxy M51 and if it is working properly with other the device then the problem will be with your device.

galaxy m51

So let’s talk about the probable ways to solve this problem. If the problem is with your device then try this method’s which may help you to solve the issue

First method

  • Go to settings. 
  • Click connections-mobile network option.
  • Click the VOLTE option. 
  • Set LTE/3g/2g (auto connect). 
  • Enable data roaming.
  • Then go to access point names, Click the three dots-click reset to default and reset.

Second method

  • Reset your system settings.

If the first method didn’t solve the issue then try the second method that is to reset your system setting. Which may help you to solve the problem


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