Realme 7 screen flickering issue — solutions

Some of the Realme 7 users had experienced screen flickering on their devices while operating some of the apps. In most cases the issue is frequent and for some, it occurs whenever they switch the app which causes the issue. So in this article, we discuss the possible solution to overcome this issue. So before getting into the solution let's find how screen flickering occurs. Basically, the android screen flickering occurs due to the system hardware that switches between the CPU and the GPU for displaying content on the screen. So because of this screen flickering occurs on most of the android devices.

So the possible ways to fix this problem are:

1: Update the software

Updating the software is the most effective method to solve this problem and almost 90% of this screen flickering case is solved by updating the software and Realme had made an update to solve the problem so updating will solve the issue. In most cases updating the software fix the issue.

2: The developer option

Under developer option there is an option called Disable HW overlays, enable that option which is one of the possible solutions to solve this issue

3: Uninstall the app and reinstall it

If the second method didn't work then, then try to do the second. In the second method uninstall those apps which cause the issue and then restart your device and then install it again and this might help to solve the problem.

4: Reset system settings on your device

Resetting your device settings is another possible solution to solve the problem because sometimes the screen flickering may be caused due to any settings issue so resetting system setting on your device may help. 

5: Factory reset your device

If all this 4 solution doesn't fix the problem then you try to do a factory reset on your device because sometimes the screen flickering may occur due to software related, and a reset will help to fix it. 

If none of these methods doesn't work then the issue may due to the hardware and If that the case it is better to bring your device to tech. 


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