Online PL/SQL Compiler - Oracle virtual workspace

You can compile PL/SQL online for practice and learning using the Oracle PL/SQL compiler. Just follow this tutorial to set up an Oracle Apex workspace and compile the code online.

Most of you guys will be learners or students who want to write the correct PL/SQL queries and check if there is a mistake. If you don't have a compiler installed on your system, the easiest job is to set up an online compiler as quick as possible.

Set up Oracle workspace to compile PL/SQL online

1. Go to the Oracle Apex website. Click on Request a Free Workspace.

Oracle Apex website
Click on Request a Free Workspace

2. Fill the form and complete the further steps by clicking Next.

Fill the form
Fill everything and Click Next until completion

3. After completing all the steps, you will see a Submit Request button. Click on it.

submit the request
Submit the request

4. Check your mail for the Workspace Request Approval message. Click on Create Workspace.

Click on Create Workspace

5. Set a new password for your workspace

set new password
Set new password

6. Now you will be logged into the workspace dashboard.

Workspace Dashboard

7. Select SQL Workshop. Click on SQL Commands.

SQL Workshop, Click SQL Commands

8. Now an online editor to compile PL/SQL commands will open where you can write and execute the PL/SQL commands.

PL/SQL online compiler

This workspace can be used anytime you need to compile and execute PL/SQL commands or scripts. You just need to log in using your email id and password that you have just created.

Jobin Jose


  1. I was looking for an online Oracle PL/SQL site to practice and found this post about Oracle Workplace I wasn´t aware of it. Thank you!

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