Messi And Guardiola to Reunite.

messi and guardiola

It looks like Guardiola and Messi are reunited, but the question is will it be at Manchester City or FC Barcelona. There are still rumors that Messi's father is in still contact with Pep regarding a potential contract obviously Messi is a very good friend of Aguero so people are talking that there is some possibility in that. But everything going at FC Barcelona this week it looks like the reunion might take place at Nou Camp itself. Yesterday Barcelona presidential favorite Víctor Font i Manté did came and said that he has a clear plan and clear structure to bring Laliga giants back to the glory days.

Regarding Pep Guardiola returning to Barcelona depends on what happens at Manchester City on whether he signed a contract extension or not. For Manchester City, they will respect him for all the things he has done for the club.

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