Android Apps to Chat without Internet or SMS

Nowadays everyone is chatting with their friends through various social media platforms with the help of the Internet and we have to trade-off a sufficient amount of data for it. Have you ever thought about chatting without the internet? Here are 2 apps that help you to chat without the internet. These apps are completely free of cost.

1.Bridgefy - Offline messaging

It is an app that made a lot of headlines in India when the government shut down the Intenet. Bridgefy can be used without any internet even if the app required internet to activate for the first time of use.
The app uses the help of Bluetooth to connect with others. There are three modes of communication possible.

The first one is one to one, think of a situation where you are lost in a crowd and can't find your friend who was with you. If your front is within 330 meters, you can chat with him through the app without the Internet.

The second one is one to one long-distance, this is made possible by connecting directly over a chain of devices with the app to send the message a long distance.

The third mode is called broadcast mode where the user can send messages to multiple other users through a chatroom.

Briar works similarly to Bridgrfy. From how they describe the app works Briar seems to be more secure because it uses Tor as an intermediate in sending messages. Briar also supports connectivity both through Bluetooth and wifi.

Milan Reji

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