5 Productive Things to Do in Self-Quarentine During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Self-quarantine was not a thing that you have been planning to do. In self-isolation, you might think there is not much to do. 


Instead of worrying when will this COVID19 or Coronavirus epidemic will end, you should be using your time productively in the isolation.

So let's discuss some productive activities to fill our time while we are self-isolating in our home.


At last, your complaints on less time you get for reading has heard by someone, at least you can't have that excuse now. You always got time for Netflix but reading is more powerful, it enhances your thinking ability. So get a book and start reading from today. 

Ebooks and articles are great sources to read. You might have heard about a social networking website called Quora. I would recommend you to use Quora more than other social networks like Instagram because there is much more quality content to read in Quora.


You can write anything you want, journals, personal diary, your thoughts. If you think of sharing your ideas and knowledge with others you can start a free blog in Blogger within minutes and start writing valuable content for others to read. You might end up having a great audience for your posts, who knows.


Make a gym in your home and start working out. The aim is to stay fit which is very important especially when we are sitting idle during this self-isolation.

Go to YouTube follow some workout routines and tutorials and drop some sweat.


During our chores we may never have the opportunity to cook something special or try something new, So here comes the opportunity. Find some recipes to try from the internet and do some cooking. 

Bake cakes, try making juices, shakes and other drinks.

Learn Something New

It is time to start learning something which you always wished. Something which can be completely new off-topic like languages, coding or new skills.

You can learn new languages using the Duolingo app.

As a computer science student, I will encourage you to learn and do some coding. You can choose web development if you are a creative person. I won't push you to learn really difficult languages and topics of CS for a beginner, But anyone can learn the basic syntax of a programming language and start to code at any time.

Websites I can recommend are w3schools, freeCodeCamp, Scrimba, GeeksforGeeks.

If you are a programmer you can put an effort into competitive coding and solving problems. Project Euler is a great website to solve some mathematical programming problems.

You can also make use of many online courses and MOOCs available.

Jobin Jose

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