2020 New Year’s Resolutions For Programmers

Think about all the good things you wished to do in 2019, Most of us made resolutions for 2019 and most of us failed because those new year’s resolutions we made may be too boring or harder to practice than we thought.

This time we are doing this differently and we are taking this more seriously than the previous years because 2020 is the beginning of a new decade.

So Let’s create a list of resolutions that motivate a programmer to become an effective developer and grow your programming skills.

I created these resolutions in a way that from the new year 2020 we are forming habits important for every growing programmer.

Don’t Forget What You Have Learned

To call yourself a programmer, you must have gained a lot of knowledge from your experience in the field and from learning things online and offline. You might know some programming languages, frameworks, toolkits or might be familiar in different areas of development like Web development and many other fields related to programming or computer science.

A new year doesn’t mean that you should start again from scratch. All the things you learned and practiced earlier will come handy at some part of your life. So it is important that we keep in touch with things you knew.

Read about them even if you are not working on that field now. Practice or solve problems to make sure you are not forgetting anything. This is an important thing that every programmer should follow but are failing to do.

Code Daily

OK, hold on a second now you might think, We see this every year in posts on new year’s resolutions and we fail this soon after a week.

I know coding every day is a very difficult thing to do because being consistent is the secret of every successful people and it’s the most difficult thing to achieve.

I am sorry guys every list of resolutions for programmers has this tip of coding daily in common because it has so much importance. Every programmer or coder should optimize the brain to think like a real problem solver in the technical way of programming.

The only way to think like a real programmer and solve problems is to live a programmer’s lifestyle and practicing daily is an important part of it.

Now let us think about making coding daily a habit easily. The tips I can give you are simple and effective.

First tip is to practice for competitive coding. There are infinitely many resources to find problems to practice competitive coding online. There are also many competitions and contests which you can try.

The second tip is doing an individual project alongside your work and finding some time daily to work on it. Working on a project will increase your productivity skills and will help you learn something new. 

100 Days of Code really helps. 


If you need to grow and become a successful person start to read from today! Don’t wait for a new year, a good moment to start your reading habits. Start from today, read in your spare time, which everyone can find in between.

Only you know what you need to read, but it is essential and will benefit you every time.

Things I can suggest for programmers to read are books related not only to computer science and programming but also on self-improvement, novels, Sci-fi and blogs on technology, Quora answers and Reddit posts which can provide you knowledge.

Read and understand codes and documentation written by others.

Checkout Discover Section in GitHub daily.

Along with reading, spend your leisure time watching videos on technology and tutorials instead of wasting too much time on Netflix.


This part is a little time consuming to follow, but if you want to learn something thoroughly, this is the best way to do it.

Writing or documenting things you know and things you do will help you understand more about the topic, clearing all the doubts.

While writing, Think like you are creating a tutorial on what you have done. Make it simple to read and understand, you don’t need to put your proficient literature skill into this.

You can keep it private or create a blog sharing your knowledge to others also (make sure you don’t violate your company's policies by sharing the wrong things).

Make a habit of creating small documentation or tutorial blogs weekly. It helps in learning and we can use these documentations as a reference later.

Video documentation and tutorial video creations are also great and can help you earn some money from platforms like YouTube but this takes more time to create than writing things in your own words.

Learn Something New

This is the most general thing to speak about in a resolution. A programmer never stops learning.

A programmer's New Year's goal should be about learning something new.

This can be anything, a new language, more theories and algorithms, frameworks, libraries, another platform of development(web development or Android development, etc. 

Contribution and Networking

I think this is the most important New Year’s resolution you should keep in mind and follow because this habit of contributing to others and networking with people help you follow all the other above resolutions.

By contributing, I mean helping others in solving problems, debugging code, teaching things you know, and using your skills and knowledge for others.

Be active in developer forums and communities, answer at least one Stack overflow question daily and help others in solving their problem and correcting their bugs in the program. This is a great way in which you can practice and explore more things.

Answering and clearing doubts of others improves your habit of documentation and also you will read more and code more on the process.

By contributing, you automatically start networking with others. This will increase your opportunities and experiences. You should try to reach and meet other programmers of common interests and work with them contributing to each other.

Going to workshops, hackathons, etc are a great way of networking with others. 


I hope my list of New Year’s resolutions helps you to be a better programmer.

Along with these let me add some bonus points that help in your journey of life.

  • Stay healthy.
  • Avoid the lack of sleep and relaxation.
  • Find time to travel.
  • Manage your addictions.
  • Find time for relationships and love.
  • Develop a kind and helping personality.

Wishing you a Happy New Year.

Make 2020 a memorable year and grow your knowledge and skills. Believe that you can and you will, no matter what it takes.

Jobin Jose


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