Do You Need a Powerful and Expensive PC to Learn Programming?

Programming is a vast area you should learn. How much money you should spend to buy a laptop that is powerful enough to learn programming entirely depends upon the platform in which you are developing and tools your using for development.

So before spending money on a laptop, you should really have an idea of what you are planning to do or learn using it. The price you need to spend depends upon the hardware inside your PC. More powerful hardware cost more. But this post can help you choose the best type of laptop or PC you need for learning or doing programming.

Web Development 

Areas to cover: JSP/Spring/JSTL, ASP .NET Web Forms and MVC (C# and VB .NET), PHP, Angular, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, TypeScript and a little bit of .NET Core 2.2.

Any ordinary modern PCs are capable of doing most part of web development unless you use some complex servers. Web development is not only about programming, But It also requires artistic creativity, therefore creator tools like Adobe Creators pack will be handy if you are into web development, For this, you need to invest for a decent RAM memory(8GB+) and processor(Intel i5 8th gen or comparables).

Mobile Development

Areas to cover: Android SDK, Xamarin.Android and Xamarin Forms, Flutter, Angular.

By mobile development, I mean for Android app development. Even though there are many frameworks like Xamarin and Angular for Android Development. Native apps for Android are made using Java or Kotlin and Android frameworks and APIs. For the development of a native app, Android Studio is the platform used with emulators for testing. Android Studio is a heavy software platform and needs a good amount of RAM(16GB+) and a good processor to run smoothly. So you might need to spend much more than the cheapest price for your laptop or PC.

Basic Programming and Apps for Windows

What I really meant by this is a PC you can start to learn to program and create small apps using basic languages like Java, Python, C/C++, etc. Many frameworks and libraries are used while you learn more about programming. This laptop or PC should be the best for all the beginners out there who creates using programming and people who concentrate on competitive coding. For beginners or learners, you should go for an average consumer-friendly PC which can do all the work but not fancy enough to do all the work. A Laptop which has 8 GB of Ram, i5 8th gen processor, 15 inch HD display, an integrated graphic chipset or entry-level GPU from Nvidia or AMD for laptops and a good keyboard will work fine for your needs.  

Apple Developer

Apple development comprises both iOS and macOS apps and software. Programming to develop for Apple products should be considered differently because to build native apps you will need a Macbook or Mac. Arguments can be there that you can use other methods to build using frameworks like Flutter or MacOS can be run virtually But you can't build native apps that make use of all the APIs of mac products and to run MacOS virtually needs a much more powerful PC to work out smoothly. So if you are into Apple Development, it's better to have a Mac system even if it is expensive. Mac systems are also capable of developing or programming for any platform like the above mentions. Android studio works smoothly on Macbooks than on an average PC.  


I hope the above mentioned are the platforms or type of programming in which you start to learn. If you are buying a laptop or PC just for programming or learning, it is not necessary to spend too much money to get a powerful machine. Know your uses and needs before you spend money especially on tech gadgets. If you are buying a laptop or desktop just for programming and development, the most important thing to consider is what type of programming you do or you're learning. Portability is also an area to consider if you want to take your laptop to your workplace or college, it is always better to have a lightweight, well built laptop for this type of users.

Jobin Jose