Malayalam YouTube Channel Ideas that can Earn You a Living

YouTube is the most popular video-sharing platform in the world. Every day, almost every minute a new video is uploaded to YouTube and millions of people are watching YouTube videos all the time. So YouTube is a platform that gives viewers the opportunity to watch interesting content and creators to publish their creative content online. It also helps creators to build an online presence which is very important these days for a person or a professional, to create a brand for ourselves.

Do you know that in India, compared to other states the percentage of people using YouTube is the highest in Kerala? This data is not created by me but from the YouTube summit held in Kerala called YouTube Malayalam Day 2019 on 26th July where all the popular Malayalam YouTube creators from Kerala were invited.

As per the records and statistics, Kerala plays a massive role in the growth of YouTube and the most interesting thing is that even if Kerala has a large number of viewers, there are only a few number Malayalam creators on YouTube. So the opportunity to become a great popular creator on YouTube and earn some real money using the Malayalam language is higher than most other languages.

This post helps you to choose a topic for your channel according to your niche. The topics we will be covering will have a good chance to get discovered and also help you gain more subscribers easily and quickly.

Travel Vlogs

Seeing this topic you may think that travel vlogs are so common and even there are so many travel vlogs in Malayalam on YouTube and also the all the life vloggers are now doing travel vlogs alongside. Yes, I agree with all the statements above that you might think about but if you travel a lot and love to travel more travel vlog is the best topic you can choose for your new channel. By travel vlog, I don’t mean that you should book your flight tickets and go with a camera to shoot most beautiful places far from our home spending too much money for creating vlogs if you are a regular long expensive traveler it’s handy to carry a camera along and shoot interesting stuff. I am talking for the people who have a hobby of traveling mostly on their bikes or cars, the ones we call riders. These guys don’t go to the most marketed and advertised tourist locations but interesting locations that most people don’t even have heard about talking about these places and showing the route to this location will be so helpful for other travelers and there are only a few channels who do this in Malayalam. So if you’re a type of traveler or rider like above. Start your channel as an interesting travel vlog.


If you love gaming and have a good gaming setup where you can play and record at the same time, Buy a good quality microphone and start Malayalam game streaming on YouTube. There are people who do this now in Malayalam but not crowded like of any other languages (even there is more than 1000 Hindi channel who stream games now). The only thing that you must take care of is interesting commentary and game reviewing and also better you cover trending and stay updated new games.

Academic Tutoring

Kerala is the most literate state in India. Academic tutoring is like taking tuition through videos. There are a large number of people who thrive to learn things in the most literate state. Malayalees understand something much better in Malayalam than in any other language. So whatever it is that you know and can teach, teach those online on YouTube in Malayalam itself. Mathematical problems, Physics, Commerce,Humanities or History anything from your college/school syllabus or outside if you make good quality explanatory videos on study topics I can promise you a higher audience that can blow your mind because there few Malayalam creator who tutor and the area you can cover is so large (you can even make a video for big problem which is hard to understand). 


Have you heard about the channel called Domics on YouTube? If you haven't heard about that channel its an animation channel in English with over 6 Million subscribers. There many animation channels in English but at the time of writing this post, I haven't found none in Malayalam. By animations, I don't mean the ultimate CGI graphical series or movies. Just do an animation video about something interesting that happened to you or a story or anything that's interesting. Don't overdo things just good cartoon drawing are more than enough to run a channel like this successfully and give good audio to your video in Malayalam. If you have got the talent just go for it.

Workout and Health Tips

If you are a dietitian or GYM trainer it's easy for you to do videos on this topic. You can include videos regarding different health tips like diets and healthy recipes or workouts and exercises for different people with different bodies to maintain a fit body or to gain muscles. 

Coding and Technical Tutorials

Coding tutorials are plenty on the web especially on YouTube but the field is always growing and more and more advanced libraries, frameworks and programming languages are introduced daily. Not only in programming but you can make tutorials on anything that you can do with computers and technology in Malayalam which is always in great demand like Photoshop tutorials. Video editing, Arduino, making science projects or even building computers. It would be so helpful to Malayalees if these types of videos are made in Malayalam.


YouTube channels in Malayalam are now growing rapidly. If you want to start a channel or planning it is the best time now because of the less number of channels. So the opportunity lies now to start and grow using a Malayalam channel. The topics mentioned above are to help you find a unique topic for your own that you are most passionate about. Whatever YouTube channel you make represent yourselves with your channel, do it in your style in your own unique way and make that channel useful and entertaining as possible.

You will always start small but that does not mean that you can`t grow big. Be persistent work hard make quality content and make a good channel helpful for Malayalees and also others.

Jobin Jose


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