How to Fix Auto Rotate Not Working on Android

If you are looking for a way to solve your display auto rotation not working on your Android phone that is your phone seems to be stuck on either portrait mode and it doesn’t automatically change to landscape when you tilt it. 

Since you don`t know the root cause of the problem, We will try to calibrate the sensors of your phone to fix the problem. Most problems with not working auto-rotation have been solved using this method. So I hope this method solves yours also but if its any hardware problem its more complicated. Anyway, you can try this method and hopefully fix the issue.

Steps to solve

  • Download and install Quick TuneUp-Phone Calibration app from the Play store.
  • Open the app and click on Quick Tune-up
  • After completion of the process restart your phone.
  • Check if this solves the problem if not, open the app again and click on Display Calibration.
  • Again after completion restart your phone

If its any problem regarding the calibration of your sensor that makes auto-rotate possible this should easily solve your problem.

Other important features of the app 

Batter Tune-up

The can solve if you have any battery charge lasting problems. There are reviews on the app that says it increased the battery life to twice as long as it was before.

Fix Temperature reading sensors

Temperature reading might be incorrect on some problem this app can fix this problem most of the time within 3 seconds.

The above-written cases are the most common fixes tested and solved for the users by the Quick Tune-up calibration app. There are other features that the app lists.

  • Smart All-in-one Quick Tune button to do all the tuning and calibration for you in one click . 
  • Memory tuneUp option to calibrate and boost your device memory performance.
  • Battery tuneUp option if you are facing battery issues.
  • Sensor calibration to properly calibrate your device's sensors.
  •  Display calibration to calibrate your display settings.

Jobin Jose

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