Web Development Using Python

Being one of the most popular languages exist, Python is one of the top 5 languages to learn in 2019 and its popularity and industrial demands are increasing day by day among the programming community.
Python is being used for much-advanced stuff like machine learning and artificial intelligence to data science. In this blog post, we will learn how to start with web development using Python.

Learning and using Python is easier than most other languages out there mainly because of its high-level structure and availability of the vast amount of libraries and frameworks.

Python frameworks are a great choice for web development. There is a cluster of frameworks in Python for full-stack web development. Flask and Django are the most popular out there and most recommended for learning and using for web development.

Why use Python for Web Development?

Python allows you to build web applications dynamically.
It grants easy to build multi-protocol network applications.
It's flexible, easy to use and quick processing.
Large collections of libraries and modules make python an all in one tool.

Python Web Development Frameworks

Python provides a large number of frameworks for web development. The most important and popular of them are CherryPy, Django, Web2Py, Pyramid, TurboGears, and Flask.

Among the list above In 2019, the most commonly used and highly in demand Python web development frameworks are Django and Flask.


Django would be the most popular Python web development framework and is used in developing complex code and large applications more quickly with less code.

With Django's builtin features developers are able to create web applications like database applications, chatbots, GPS solutions, etc.

Django focuses on automation and follows the DRY(Don't Repeat Yourself) principle promoting reusability of code reducing coding time.

Key features of Django include authentication mechanisms, URL routing, template engine, and database schema migration implementing ORM or Object-Relational Mapping. ORM makes Django highly compatible with popular databases like SQL or Oracle and allows them to work with several databases at once.


Flask is another framework that is commonly used by developers like Django. It is accessible under the BSD license. Flask is a microframework and is best suited for small-scale apps.
The main features of Flask are unit testing, Google App Engine, and a built-in development server that enables you to create reliable and efficient web apps.
Big companies like Linkedln and Pinterest have been using Flask.

Getting Started

Learn basic building blocks of web development like HTML and CSS. These are Mark-up and styling languages which are easy to learn and also a necessity in web development.

You need to understand the basics of Javascript and should know how to write small scripts or events for your website.

Learn Python Programming. It is one of the easiest languages to learn. At least understand basics like conditional expressions, loops and functions work then you will get improved by practicing and coding more.  

After understanding the basic things in web development. Start creating small and simple apps. Don't rush towards creating big web applications at the beginning. You might be stuck in situations where you might understand nothing.
Start with some simple examples that you might find tutorials on the web.

Debugging is the boss.
Half of your time will be spent on coding and another half(maybe more) will be spent for debugging, Understand this is a true fact and all programmers and developers irrespective of being a pro or beginner go through this all time. So don't go down on bugs, take it as a challenge and solve them and understand it takes time.

Integrate external modules.
Python is a language with a lot of modules. Find modules for your purpose and learn to integrate with your web applications.
Before you go on exploring external modules, familiarise Python's core modules and functions because it will take care of most of your regular problems.

Learning Resources

  1. The Python Tutorial
  2. Wiki-Book
  3. Mastering Flask Web Development


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