Spider-Man Far From Home Post Credit Scene Explained

After the epic movie avengers endgame we all are waiting for the spider man far from home and finally it has released yesterday July 2 the thing that makes the movie more interesting is that the clues forall the upcoming phase 4 marvelmovies are hiden in the post credit scene of this legendary movie 
The real question is what happens next. , Peter was encouraged by Tony to go public as the face of superhero registration. He wound up regretting it so hard that he ultimately went to Mephisto

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Now, the MCU doesn't have a Mephisto least, that we know of) so that particular storyline probably won't make a one-to-one jump from page to screen. However, Peter Parker is one of Marvel's few superheroes who heavily rely on having a secret identity--which makes the next logical step for Peter's MCU a focus on that particular problem. He doesn't have to make a deal with the literal devil (though that would definitely be cool to see) but priority number one for our dear old Spider-Man come phase 4 is going to be putting that genie back into the bottle.Perhaps even more interesting is the potential fallout around Jameson and Peter. Though the two have no working relationship in the MCU--Peter's way too young to become a crack photographer for a newspaper--one of Jameson's biggest "redeeming" qualities (if you could call them that) was the fact that, as far as he's ever been concerned, his hatred for Spider-Man has been aimed at a full grown adult. In this particular turn of events, however, Jameson publicly announces that Spider-Man is a teenager with all the gusto and bravado you'd expect from J.J.J.--something that adds a whole extra layer of cruelty and danger to the mix. Which begs the question: Is Jameson really just evil and delude enough to want to ruin some kid's life? Or does he actually believe Mysterio's lies?

That will inevitably be the major challenge for Peter going into Phase 4. Not only does he somehow have to regain his secret identity, but he also has to convince the world that Spider-Man isn't a murderous villain. No pressure. 

The second post-credits scene features Maria Hill and Nick Fury as they leave the scene of Mysterio's major disaster--or, well, sort of at least. It turns out that the Maria and Fury we've been with for this movie aren't actually Maria and Fury at all--they're Skrulls!


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