Instagram Auto Liker Using JavaScript

Instagram users contribute likes to get more likes and follows for their post. It is an old Instagram marketing strategy from the beginning of this social network. Manually opening a picture like it and going to the next picture to do the same is a tedious task. So auto liker apps and software are used now. 

What if you do not need to download any apps or software for auto liking the pics on your explore feed or search tags or locations, you name it.

Go to on any browser on your PC, preferable are Chrome or Mozilla.

You can choose which collection of pictures to auto like. It can be pics on your explore feed or search for any hashtag or location or go to someone's profile. Open the first picture.

Open Inspect Element mode on your browser by right-clicking or by keyboard shortcut(F12).

Go to the console tab and paste the code given below.
 let likesGiven = 0;  
 setInterval(() => {  
      let likes = document.getElementsByClassName('glyphsSpriteHeart__outline__24__grey_9'),  
         arrow = document.querySelector('.coreSpriteRightPaginationArrow');  
      if (likes[1]) {  
           likes = likes[1].parentElement;  
      console.log(`You've liked ${likesGiven} post(s)!`);  
 }, 2000);  
Now Click Enter to run the code and see the browser auto liking the pics. To stop reload the page.

Code Documentation 

setInterval(function(),time interval) :calls a function or evaluates an expression at specified intervals (in milliseconds).

like will get the like button to like the post and arrow will get the button to load the next post.

click() function clicks the button.


Instagram has now algorithms that work to reduce spammers, so you should be more careful while using these tricks.
Do not run the script continuously for a long time and its better to keep the time interval to 10000 instead of 2000.
If Instagram found you as a spammer there are chances of getting a ban for your account. So play it safe and try to understand how this automated Instagram liker JavaScript works.
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