End of Neymar Transfer Saga Confirmed

Neymar to FC Barcelona was the news around for the last couple of months. Now the Neymar Saga has been ended.

Barcelona is eager to sign their former Brazilian star forward back to Camp Nou. Several offers made by the Barcelona Board were rejected by the PSG Board. Even if many other European giants like Real Madrid, Juventus FC, Manchester United...tried to sign Neymar 
but the player himself wants to return to Camp Nou to play along with his friends mainly Messi and Suarez.

Now there is confirmation ending the transfer saga that both Barcelona and PSG had come to an agreement.

I want to make it clear. PSG and BARÇA have an agreement that they have promised not to reveal until August. Neymar will arrive as I have been saying days and will wear the number 11, Dembelé will change his number. Coutinho and Malcom will go to PSG so Griezmann will take number 7 and not 17.Offer that has accepted the PSG: 70 M + Coutinho + Malcom and a third player that could enter the operation. Neymar is from FC Barcelona. In August the 2 clubs will make it official. Do not worry.-David Valdearenas
David Valdearenas is the man who confirmed the transfer of Ronaldo to Juventus and Griezmann to Barcelona much earlier before the official board confirmation. So it might happen and Neymar will return to his former club.
The deal includes 70M+Coutinho+Malcom+another player. The another player is yet to be revealed and it can be Dembele or Rakitic. 

Milan Reji

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