Lucifer 2 Official Announcement

Prithviraj Sukumaran Sukumaran's directorial debut movie Lucifer casting Mohanlal as the main character had a magnificent long run in the theatres. The ending sequel of the film gave some hints about a continuous part 2 of the movie which was rumored to be Lucifer 2.
The title announcement of Lucifer part 2 has been published by Mohanlal on his official Facebook Page. Mohanlal said through the Facebook post that "L The Finale" announcement will be on 18th June 2019 at 6pm.

Prithviraj talked about part 2 of Lucifer in an interview that he has some plans about the Lucifer 2 and he will be following accordingly and it would be a big-budget movie.

Scriptwriter Murali Gopi had also given some hints regarding Lucifer 2 through his Instagram post of the Lucifer Poster.


It would be the story of Abraham Qureshi who is Mohanlal itself as we see in the ending scene of Lucifer. We can expect Prithviraj as Zayed Massoud playing a larger role in Lucifer 2 than Lucifer 1 and also Tovino Thomas as Jathin Ramdas.

After the Huge success of Lucifer, Malayalam movie fans would be expecting a lot of surprising twists and turns in Lucifer 2 because the movie is pointing to a mysterious topic, ILLUMINATI or alike secret societies.

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