2020 Smartphone design feature

From the mid of 2018 phone, manufacturing companies started coming up with maximum bezel-less smartphones. The introduction was with thin bezels for the front camera and microphone. Then for more screen to body ratio, with the introduction of notches by Apple became so popular that every other Android smartphone manufacturers followed Apple's path introducing notches to their smartphones. 

The notches came in different shapes and sizes from different manufacturers, there came the teardrop and the small semi-circle one to place the front camera. The Chinese smartphone brands introduced a moving mechanical popup front camera which resulted in a completely bezel-less display according to the uprising trend in smartphones. Along with that Samsung came up with the punch hole.

To complete the futuristic design of complete bezel-less full-screen display for a smartphone different smartphone brands came up with different ideas and other brands copied making slight changes in them. The notches or punch holes or moving front cameras are the only options we have in the market. So what about the future, still the aim is to accomplish a full-screen body ratio without compromising the front camera.

Surprisingly the future is not too far away not only far away it's here, but just the thing is it's not in the market for sale yet. The dream of the full-screen camera with 100% screen to body ratio is here and it is without compromising the front camera, No there aren`t any movable mechanical pop pup stuff here. 

How is this possible? It's simple in theory, just hide the front camera under the display. Samsung was known for researching and trying to develop this technology, But two companies already produced prototypes of this under-display camera phone. Oppo and Xiaomi achieved the remarkable of creating the futuristic under-display hidden camera designs. A prototype demonstration video has released and I have no idea about the commercial release but the prototype seems pretty much finished so it can be launched in early 2020.

The phones are truly bezel-less phones and don't compromise with any notch, holes or any moving parts. The phones seem like ordinary phones with no bezels at all but when the camera app opens the front camera, the magic will work in a blink of an eye the upper part of the actual display of the phone will become transparent making the under-screen front camera visible to take photos just like the ordinary camera phones. These phones, of course, have  OLED displays making this possible.
I think, comparing to Oppo's design, Xiaomi has a bit upper hand aesthetically. We can hope this will be the future design of flagship smartphones even from big brands like Samsung, Apple, and Google Pixel phones.

Jobin Jose

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