How to capture a thing on its floating point

The answer is by using manual by adjusting it’s shutter speed or by using apps like PicsArt,Snapseed etc

I will explain it briefly according to my opinion using Snapseed is way better more to make an object float first up all you have to hang the respective object in air eg:the camera as you can see in the image then for hanging the object in air you can use an fishing string and hang it in the air at an appropriate place then just click the camera and now go to the Snapseed app and  take the healing tool and just erase the string carefully and you can see it just floating in air looks amazing yaa and for your satisfaction just use the portrait tool in the looks icon and also the lens blur tool to blur the background 

You can also float an object by using the double explosure tool in the Snapseed app and the same procedure happens in the PicsArt app 


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