How to browse deep web safely and anonymously

I hope everybody reading this has an idea about the deep web, it is simply websites that cannot be accessed using your ordinary browsers and these websites will not be indexed on search engines. I am not elaborating on the topic, Browsing deep web is not as safe as ordinary browsing as it can create loopholes to access your precious data and you will be vulnerable to getting hacked or malware attacks. So safety measures should be taken before going to the deep web and I can provide some information to help you with it.
The first and foremost important thing is selecting your operating system. I don't recommend using your daily driver operating system which has your important data like saved passwords, banking details, etc.
You can either run these OSs live on a USB flash drive or run it through virtual machines like VMware or Oracle Virtualbox ( Virtual machines are not completely secure because it is running on your OS using the same network connection). But I recommend virtual machines since it's easier to set up and you have a lot of controls over it.

Safest Operating Systems

Qubes OS

Qubes OS is a Linux distro which is highly popular for its security and privacy controls. The size of the OS is much higher compared to other OSs.

Tails OS

This OS is similar to Qubes but it works like a temporary OS that is fully live and the main feature is it wipes the entire drive it is installed on when shutdown leading to zero traces. It promises security and has cryptography features.

Kali Linux

It's an OS that most people working on security and hacking uses due to its anonymity and security. It's easy to install and can be used as a daily driver and can your permanent OS for browsing the deep web.
After selecting your OS the next step is to setup Tor browser 

Setting up Tor Browser

Tor browser or the onion browser lets you browse the deep web keeping you anonymous. Tor connects to networks through relays.

 After installation, open the browser and forbid the scripts, which will stop running the scripts like java scripts from websites.

Do not maximize the tor browser window to full screen, this is because websites can identify your screen size and can trace you with that.
Ater this select new identity and you are now free to browse the deep web.

The last thing I want you to say is that if you are using a laptop cover your webcam preferably using colored tape.
Make sure you don't give out your details or data to the deep web. The deep web and dark web are so close and the dark web is illegal so stay away from illegal stuff.

Jobin Jose

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